The Maldives are islands that are situated in between the trading route of the Indian Ocean, giving a rise to settlers and visitors from the neighboring areas a warm welcome to their land for centuries! With such influx of people from different regions, the Maldivian culture varies from people, beliefs, art and language. This is one reason why the features of the Maldivian people vary one person to the other. Some of them resemble to the south and south East Asians, Africans and Arabians.

Because of the diversity, the language spoken “Dhivehi” by the Maldivians is affected by the different dialects and accents of the people within these islands. The Maldivian culture basically relies much on superstition and religion. For many it resembles much of the basics of Islam till they keep in view to the superstition factor.

It has been made clear that the superstition that these people believe and rely on has been an old custom that they are bound to believe on because it dates back to before Islam came about in 1153 AD. The superstition culture is thus brought in by the Buddhist that once preached in the land. Though the people do not completely rely on religion and adapt the new cultures that are brought into the land through visitors and neighboring countries gradually.

You will constantly witness that in their art and music that is much adapted from Africa, such as their music that is bodu-beru that resemble the African drumming using huge drums. Apart from that, the Arabian sailboat has been “Maldivianized” by giving it the title of dhoni. This boat shows good amounts of similarities to the Arabian sailboat.

The people of this region also exhibit great craftsmanship to decorate their mosques by the details on the wooden beams inside it. They show the old culture still being a huge part of their society till date. The people are generally much known for the embroidery on women clothing, making distinct geometric designs used in mats and similar clothing items.

Now however the region welcomes the idea of tourists. They want the people to adapt their culture as much as possible with greatly accepting theirs.