Surfing Chickens with the local boys

Please check our current “Family & Surf Special” Surf season in the North Malé Atoll is from March to October, where

  • May to September / October, the period of the southwest monsoon, offers the best waves but sometimes storms
  • In March, April & November there are still very good waves and the best weather

Surfseason North Male Atol

What about the spots?

We are surrounded by more than 11 awesome surf-spots and on major SE swells and strong S winds you can surf our house-wave (granted, this one is for the faint hearted) – chances are you will be the only one as Surfari boats actually never bother to gofurther north than Ckickens & Cokes. We are only 10 minutes by dinghy from Chickens and Cokes and are happy to give you a lift down there should you want to surf there. Surf Spots in the Northern Male Atol include:

  • Chickens A long and satisfying left hander with bigger swell and higher tide. Cheickens can produce up to 10 second barrels.
  • Cola’s / Coke’s This is one of the best reef breaks in the area when it’s big. It is a thick, heavy and hollow right with a vert take-off. Coke’s breaks hard over the a shallow reef so this is definitely a wave for experienced surfers.
  • Honky’s This super long left hander wraps nearly 90 degrees and can double in size by the end section. In season it is definitely one of the best waves in the Maledives, nice barrels, too. –       Sultan’s The bigger the better is the mantra of this classic 300m right hander. When it’s on this  steep outside peak leads to a super fast wall and then an inside section that throws right out and tubes on every wave. Epic!
  • Jailbreaks Named after the prison that used to be on the island close by. This right works best with big swell but has plenty of soft breaking sections. When big it becomes a single, long and perfect wave and the three sections start to link up.   Unfortunately some of the big resorts call some waves “their own”, which makes them un-surfable for non-guests.
  • Lohi’s This wave is an exclusive wave for guests of the resort island Lohifushi. It is a solid left hander that usually breaks in two sections but with big swell and high enough tide the sections link up.
  • Pasta Point Guests of the resort have an exclusive use of this left. Nice wave, but hey someone else “owns” it.
  • Surfspots in and around Malé are: Raalhugandu, Rats, Runways, Furana, Kadu and Piddlies.


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