Protect the Maldives!

Happy Life loves the Being in the Maldives is magical. The Maldives are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. No matter whether your passion is surfing, diving, snorkeling the magnificent reef or just relaxing on the island you visit, what you mustn’t forget is that the Maldives are a sensitve and fragile ecosystem. So in order to preserve this piece of paradise we ask you to stick to a few simple guidelines when you come and visit. Next to common sense those are actually quite obvious things, such as ‘don’t waste water’ or ‘take home what you brought with you in the first place’ (especially if it is plastic). There is a registered German non-profit organisation called Protect the Maldives e.V. with the goal to provide more information to tourists visiting the Maldives. we support and work with. Please check it out and be a part of making tourism more environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable to preserve this piece of paradise!

Love the Maldives? Check out this short flyer on how to help protecting the Maldives! Good stuff…

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